Happy Oscar Day

I love movies. I enjoy everything about the industry, but no, have never had a desire to be a part of it. I am one of those odd people who will watch the Academy Awards tonight, as I have every year I’ve been able. My father shares my passion. When I was a child, and could not stay up to watch the entire show (Sunday being a school night after all), I would awake the next morning with a legal pad on my bedside table, with each of the winners listed in my father’s distinctive script. I cherished the knowledge, as if knowing all the winners were critical to my success at school that day.

So while I rarely see every nominated film prior to the Oscars, I see them all eventually, taking time to load up the Netflix queue when there’s a documentary or foreign film that has as yet escaped my attention. I look forward to the goofy acceptance speeches, the wardrobes (annually, my mother will say, “look at that dress! She’s falling out of it” about any number of stars), the hateful looks from non-winners and the lifetime achievement winner, who always makes me cry just a little bit. Remember Jack Palance and the one-armed push ups? Remember that?

One day I’d like to go to one of those schmancy Oscar parties, you know; the ones that are black tie and sponsored by Grey Goose and boast some semi-celebrity host on site as the crowd watches the Hollywood festivities on a super giant screen.

Until then I’ll snuggle fireside on my couch, wrapped in a blanket and eating popcorn. The snow is falling thick and wet outside today. It’s a good day for television. A great day for movies. 

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  1. Sarabeth says:

    We know dinner would be interesting with us being opposites about Oscar Night. I do hope you have a lovely evening watching.

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