But the Musical; How was the Musical?

It was fantastic, if you must know. The girl rocked the house as the midday Sacajawea (her dad objected to my previous reference) and was the most animated, enthusiastic chorus member ever in the evening show. I was all sniffly proud, of course. She went for the laughs at the right times and did a lovely job with her solo. What’s next, we wonder. Today the elementary school kids were tempted by future opportunities in an assembly with the middle school drama club, chorus and jazz band.

Extra points for the boy who sat through the whole thing with nary a snicker.

Major bonus points for my company senior vp who graciously endured the show, sitting between me and the boy on a tiny plastic chair, clapping and gushing, and even asking the girl to sign her program. I’ve gotta lotta nerve, don’t I?

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  1. Dana says:

    Next she’ll take “American Idol.” And we’ll take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll never be like Dina Lohan.

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