Mother Goose on my Mind

For the third spring in a row, a mother goose is nesting next to the pond in my backyard. I keep an eye on her and shoo away any kids who seem like they’re on a mission to roost her from her nest. It’s amazing to watch her resting in one place for so long. The father goose never strays far from her side, keeping watch from the pond day and night. They seem like a lovely couple.

I feel sorry for her though, as today there is pea-sized hail and, even for a goose, doesn’t seem like a very nice day to be outside. It must be boring, too, I think, just sitting there, waiting. I want to bring her an umbrella and a magazine. Which do you think, Newsweek or Martha Stewart’s Living? Cooking Light may hit too close to home.

I’d post a picture, but you’ve all seen geese, and besides, you know how expectant mothers are; she probably thinks she looks fat.

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3 Responses to Mother Goose on my Mind

  1. As for the kids, Papa Goose can probably handle them by himself. Geese are nasty-tempered creatures. But if it makes you feel better, you can put up a little temporary garden-type fencing. That’s what they do on the islands in the strip=malls around here when a nest goes in someplace public.

  2. Mistie says:

    Give her a few of the recent “celebrity baby nursery” issues of People, Us Weekly, etc. She would probably welcome the decorating ideas. 😛

  3. zuzuernie says:

    I agree with Mistie. Decorating, definitely.

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