Blueberry Redux: I bake for my boss

My boss came to town and in a fit of overconfidence, I decided to make her dinner and I baked a pie. Dinner was so-so; a simple summer dinner of grilled chicken, asparagus, pineapple and bread. (I had planned to take her out the second night she was in town so she wouldn’t have to suffer my culinary ineptitude twice. Boy, am I glad “cooking” isn’t a category on the review form).


Blueberry Lattice Top Pie

The girl was excited, as always, to have a new member of the audience, so I let her be in charge of the pie photography this go-round.

This was the second time I’d made the lattice top blueberry pie. It’s always good to have some practice before you decide to share a pie with guests. The lattice top shrunk or pulled away from the sides in some places but that didn’t matter too much. It still tasted pretty good; in fact, I think it tasted better than the first blueberry pie I made.

The visit was as good as the pie. I was delighted to have my boss all to myself for the better part of three days. We met with several people all over town and spent some time with our Charlottesville clients as well.


The girl will want you to know that she was a perfect angel and remembered her manners. She also took pretty good pie pictures. I think I’ll hire her.

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