Birthday Cake for the Girl

The Girl Turns 12

I took a break from pie and drifted over to the land of cake. The girl requested banana cake and I decided to get fancy with it and make fondant.

It turned out pretty well — a pale blue (that matches the new paint in her room) and the requested clouds. I also did a ruffly band around the cake and that was the limit of my fanciness.

Not a bad first go at fondant. I may do it again, once, in about ten years.

Cake is really not my specialty, as the boy would point out again and again. Partly it is because I decide on any cakeworthy occasion to try a new, previously untested (by me) recipe. I figure I can read, right? So how hard can it be?

Cake is always better with ice cream

Cake is always better with ice cream

Unfortunately not all internet-based recipes are worth a pinch of salt and I’ve been burned a time or two by cavalierly plunging forward with an unreliable cake source.

This time I was OK, though. Fondant is really not a big deal; just marshmallows and powdered sugar heated, kneaded and, if you’re up to it, color it. I made blue and pink, which, in restrospect, were sort-of babyish colors, but that’s the way it goes. When the girl was about four, she requested a green, orange and yellow cake. Then she raked her fingers through the just-decorated cake. I gave up getting too attached to my cake decorating attempts a  long time ago.

The girls enjoyed the slumber party and our girl was delighted with her gifts, the cake, and being surrounded by her best friends. They played games, ate lots of food, slept little and I think, had a pretty good time.

Me? I think I’ll go back to pie.

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4 Responses to Birthday Cake for the Girl

  1. Formerly Known as Dwight says:

    Fondant LOOKS so cool.

    But it tastes… it tastes… it tastes “not right.”

    When did fondiant come-to-be. I never noticed it before a couple/three years ago. Is this something that has been around since I was a kid?

  2. Danielle says:

    Fondant huh? D-

  3. Fondant has been around for about 10 years or so. It’s sometimes called sugarpaste. It doesn’t taste very good. It’s the texture and not necessarily the flavor that people dislike.

  4. D.J. says:

    I really appreciate this. Excellent

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