Twelve: a letter to my daughter

Dear A.,

Happy 12th birthday! I remember, before your brother turned 12 how I had a habit of saying anyone immature was “acting like a 12-year-old” — something I picked up from my boss at the time. He turned 12, I said it one more time and he said, “heeeyyyy — I’m 12. You’re going to have to pick on another age.”

So I swore off picking on 12-year-olds long before you got here. Lucky you.

But enough about your brother already. I’ve been composing daily letters to him before he goes to college but today is your day — there’s no letter for him today. I’m sure it must feel as if everything is about him these days. Let me remind you though, as of Aug. 19, the day he leaves for CNU, our attention will be completely focused on you.

Taking the role of temporary only child is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Just think! We can blame everything on YOU! On the flip side, you get all the benefits of having us around and taking advantage of all the entertainment we provide.

Of course, being 12 means more in this house; more chores, doing your own laundry and additional responsibilities. With these come more privileges, too. The three of us are going to have a great time this year and even though you don’t think so, I know you’ll be happy to see your brother when he returns.

This year you’ve grown up so much. Everyone thinks you’re older than you are, something you’ll like until you get to be about 30. At 5’9″ you’re on track to pass me up by the end of October, you and I both agree. Of course your growing up has been more than merely physical. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our philosophical discussions and have stood in awe at your growing interest in politics and in the world around you. It has given me a flash into what the future will hold when we are both grownups.

This has been the year you dove headfirst into reading as obsessively as your mother, the year you started your own blog, The Daily Banana (because, duh, you eat a banana every day), the year you developed a passion for anime and manga and a talent for basketball. You’re becoming a teenager before our very eyes.

Now, if we could just get you to stop speaking text-speak, (LOL, TTYL, etc.).

I’m so proud of you and love you so very much.


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2 Responses to Twelve: a letter to my daughter

  1. zuzu says:

    You know what, A? She means every word of it. She’s told me those things and knew you weren’t around to read it. (We IM and email each other since you all moved and destroyed my life.)

    So, Happy Birthday, A!

    From your mom’s friend that drinks beer.

  2. Kurt says:

    Congrats to you both. My son is just about to finish his 12th year and enter official teenagerhood. I may remember this as the most eventful of his life so far. He seemingly grew a foot. I don’t recognize the voice that answers the phone when I call home. He’s moving from boyhood to young-man-hood.

    May your 12th year be as eventful.

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