Smiling at Dr. Kovac in London

I arrived in London at 7am local time after not having slept the entire night. I was yearning for a venti latte and quick escape from the London Heathrow airport. I’d made friends on the plane with a young couple who were hanging out near the restroom, three sheets to the wind and headed for a safari in Africa. I met up with them again as we headed for the exit and the woman said to me, “Did you see who was behind us in Customs? Dr. Kovac from ER!” We joked, briefly about not even knowing if he was still on the show.

Admittedly, I hung back a bit to catch a glimpse, but also realizing I needed some local currency if I was going to get out of the airport and into London, I started searching for an ATM. By the way, 100 British pounds = $184. Ouch.

So I was standing at the ATM when I saw him: Dr. Kovac. And I had that moment of dang, how sad is it that I don’t even know his real name — I can’t very well say, “Hi Dr. Kovac! I love you on ER.” That would be dorky, even for me. So I smiled at him as he walked past in the way people do when they think they might recognize you but they’re not quite sure where they know you from. He smiled back in the same way, obviously because he was thinking, “Is that Geena Davis?”

Now, if it had only been the former Dr. Ross.

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7 Responses to Smiling at Dr. Kovac in London

  1. zuzu says:

    Grrrrowl! He is soooo hot! I agree, George Clooney is a few steps above in hotness, but it could have been the mean administrator who got his arm chopped of the helicopter and then was later crushed to death under another one. Not the best looking, guy, kwim? or Marty Feldman, if he were still alive….But, just a smile was worth writing about!!!

  2. So, is he just as nice looking in real life?

  3. marijean says:

    He is, but his hair looked too dark (dyed, maybe?) and his tan looked a bit artificial. If he’d just taken a flight as long as mine he looked remarkably well-rested and unrumpled.

  4. Jaxie says:

    He does dye his hair. I agree sometimes it looks too dark. If he didn’t he would be almost completely gray.

  5. Slava says:

    You know he is Croatian, right? In his ER role (Kovac) and in real life
    (Goran Visnjic)…
    Your Croatian friend

  6. Maya says:

    Was Goran alone?

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