We have some trees in our yard and therefore, leaves.

There’s some grass under there, I’m sure of it.






It had gotten to the point where we had to do something to at least get ahead of it, although the leaves were falling as fast as my husband could blow them into a pile.


Admit it; there’s something hunky about a guy wielding a power tool.

Can you tell I got my camera back from the shop?

My hunky power tool wielding husband spent the better part of Saturday blowing leaves.

I documented the leaf-blowing. I don’t do outdoor work; I limit my work to the indoors and believe me, that’s enough.

Clover Takes Five

Clover enjoyed hanging out in the just-cleared spots, watching the activity and staying out of the way.


Clover graciously posed for this photo so you could see how the leaf pile was growing nearly as tall as he is in spots.
Don’t you just love watching a guy do work around the house? I know I do.
There’s more leaf-blowing in our future, too.
Side note:
Dear Nikon,
My L11 camera (that I love, especially for travel) broke while I was in London, before I even GOT to India. It cost me a bundle to get fixed. Since you sent Bossy a camera to try, think you might let STLWorkingMom try one out, too? I promise to post even more fabulous pictures than these.

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4 Responses to Leaves

  1. Your backyard looks so peaceful and green.

  2. Mike Murphy says:

    Don’t blow ’em: MOW ’em. chop them up fine with your lawnmower and let ’em lay. Your lawn will thank you for the organic material and you will not ever have to aerate because the earthworms will do the work for you. At the most you may need to put down some lime every few years, but don’t do that unless you first check the soil pH because you may not need to.

    When we moved into our current house in 1995 the ground was rock hard. Some people with a vacuum truck came around asking if we wanted to have them vacuum our leaves. Instead, I asked them to DUMP their leaves in my yard. They dumped 2 loads that I chopped up and spread all over the yard. I also did it again the next year. I have never fertilized, and the yard is much healthier than it was before. I haven’t had to water the yard in several years because it stays green even in the worst heat of the St. Louis summer, and the yard doesn’t feel like concrete in the summer heat.

    my two cents….

  3. easy job says:

    Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed.

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