I Seem to Remember Having a Son

Apparently a college kid is coming to live with us in about a week. Having been just the two of us, the girl and the dog for what seems like forever, it’s going to be an adjustment.

It was only last fall when I was sadly anticipating the day the boy would go off to college, writing him daily blog posts to say my long goodbye.

Oh, now, we’ve seen him a time or two since the fall. He’s even come home and slept (mostly just the hours with AM after them) in his room a few times. At least I think he was here. Food disappeared. There was extra laundry. There were fewer towels in the linen closet.

It’s almost summer though, and the boy is moving back in — and not just for the summer, either. He’s here to stay, until he can swing a place of his own. I’m thinking he’ll be in full support of Mayor Dave Norris’ initiative to zone for single occupancy housing, an affordable option for people barely making minimum wage.

He’ll be attending PVCC in the fall, working on the transfer to UVa program.

It’s a better option for him than where he’s been this year,  will save him a bundle of money, and frankly, Charlottesville is where he wants to be. (The allergist’s daughter is here; do I really need to say more?)

Did you move back in with your parents during or after college? How did that go?

What about you college kids (and Google Analytics tells me you’re reading this, you guys from UVa, Washington University, UMSL and Mount Holyoke College — any advice for us old, goofy, embarrassing, controlling, overprotective parents? How can we best accomodate our grown-up, adult son living again (however long it lasts) under our roof?

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9 Responses to I Seem to Remember Having a Son

  1. The biggest challenge will be having him under your roof after he’s lived more or less as an adult for nearly a year. Do the same rules as before apply or do you treat him like an adult or somewhere in between? This was a huge issue for me the summer after my first year of college and caused a lot of friction with my parents.

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  3. Dwight says:

    Yaknow, it’s not the “adultness” of the kid who is coming home to my house that bothers me.

    It’s the frickin’ Vampire hours he keeps.

    It’s hearing the ice dispenser rattle me awake at 3:30 in the morning, followed by the microwave dinging.

    It’s arriving home from work at 6 pm and realizing he’s asleep and hasn’t done a bloody thing all day.

  4. Brian says:

    I moved from my mom’s to my dad’s house while I attended PVCC a few years ago. He lives here in Cville, much closer than my mom which saved me time and gas. I recently moved out of Dad’s – on my own for the first time in my life.

    I’ll attest to the above. I’m quite the insomniac – my normal sleep hours are from 4 AM – 11 AM.

    I think the best advice I could give – from a similar minded “kid” is: teach that kid to cook. Unless he went to culinary school I’m willing the bet he’s been eating some pretty questionable material the past few years at school. I still try to make it my Mom’s as often as possible to let her cook for me. Though, since I’ve made it a point to cook as much and often as possible – it seems I’m now the one cooking for her. We males need a bit of a push to get into the kitchen and create something from seemingly nothing.

    …sometimes I forget exactly how much of my life is centered around food. But yeah, teach the kid to cook. It’s the best I’ve ever learned.

  5. Maria says:

    I moved back in with my parents for 6 months after college. Let me tell you, it worked about as good as pouring molasses in winter. My advice? Agree on everyone’s expectations up front.

  6. Sean McCord says:

    I moved back in with my mom and slept in my old bunk bed for one week after my first year at college. That first morning, I honestly had no idea if she was going to hand me my list of chores. Fortunately, she did not, but she wasn’t quite ready to treat me like an adult yet. Thirty years later, I’m still waiting…

    My advice: sit him down and just ask him what he wants. Let him know that you aren’t really sure what to expect either. He will appreciate you speaking to him openly and honestly, though I suspect that is not often an issue with you.

  7. Kathy G says:

    If he’s going to be out all night, have him call your cell phone and leave a message. Then keep your phone where it won’t wake you during the night.

    When you see the empty bed, check for a message, but realize he’ll only remember to call half the time 🙂

  8. I have two step sons getting PhDs (one at Yale, one at VA Tech) AND a Kindergartener. It hurts me just as badly no matter which one leaves the house to go to school, whether it’s Zack for the day or Ryan and Colin for months on end.

  9. Cat Herrington says:

    I just wanted to say what I great idea I think it is to come back to Charlottesville to attend PVCC. I did the same thing about 11 years ago – I started college at an out of state school and then ended up returning to Charlottesville to attend PVCC for about 3 semesters before transferring to UVA. It was the best decision! On top of being able to pay for those 3 semesters out of pocket (a very significant thing – to not be burdened to education loans for part or all of your college experience!) I was able to take advantage of UVA’s Summer Foreign Language institute before I matriculated at UVA.

    To complete the circle, post-BA, I am now back at PVCC, about to complete my 4th semester of one-class-at-a-time pre-requisites for Graduate School at UVA. In 10 years, by my observation, PVCC has developed a vibrant community of students and the faculty and staff has never disappointed!

    Good luck to The Boy!

    P.S. When I came back to Cville after college away, I didn’t move back in with my parents. I knew what a disaster that would be! Good luck! 🙂

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