C’ville Blog of the Week: Sweet Pea Photoblog

This week’s blog features melt-your-heart newborn photography and gorgeous maternity portraits that celebrate women and mothers. Just look at this little darlin’ photographed just today! The Blog of the Week is, of course Amy Benoit’s Sweet Pea Photoblog.

I interviewed Amy, prior to the weekly segment on WCAV CBS-19. Excerpts below:

MJ: When did you launch the blog?

AB: I launched my first blog in May of 2007 when my photography was under my personal name, Amy Benoit Photography.  When I decided to give my business a real name last year, I launched the current blog in September 2008.
MJ: Why a blog, instead of just your website?

AB: I love how it promotes interaction between me and my clients and actually anyone who reads my blog.  People looking at my blog are able to leave comments on a particular entry I have submitted.  I just love when a family member or designer I am working with comments on the photos I have taken of someone they know or a product they have created that I am using in the photo.  Plus, having a blog helps with my marketing presence on the web.  It increases search engine ranking – when someone types in “charlottesville newborn photography” into a Google search my blog actually shows up on the very first page!  Lastly,  I unfortunately don’t have the time to update my website constantly so my blog allows my present and future clients to view examples of my current sessions, news about my business, and special offers.

MJ: What difference has having a blog made for your business?

AB: Photoblogging has had a great impact for me, especially since I have it synced with www.cvilleblogs.com and am able to connect with people I may not have been able to reach with just simply having a website.  I am getting a good amount of people who live out of state, who are finding my blog and wanting to purchase gift certificates for a photo session with me for their family members or friends that live in the Charlottesville area. The blog allows me to quickly and efficiently share information with my readers and keep a relationship with them.
MJ: Do your customers beg to have their photos featured on the blog?

AB: My clients definitely enjoy seeing their photos on the blog, especially if I get the photos online before I can load up their whole proofing gallery from the session.  I use my blog as a “sneak peek” for my clients, and once they see those few photos that I post {which are my favorites from the session}  then they are anxious to see all of the images taken.

Video of the segment below.

Sweet Pea Photoblog WCAV Blog of the Week

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  1. Amy Benoit says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me!!!

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    Congrats Amy! I am so so happy for you!!!!

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