Charlottesville Blog of the Week: Edible C’ville

Blogger Jenée Libby moved to Charlottesville more than a year ago, hungry and looking for the best places to eat in C’ville. Launched as a hobby, Libby’s popular blog Edible C’ville has become a go-to site for residents and visitors looking for great food. Edible C’ville is both a restaurant critic blog and a great place to read the conversation surrounding a particular local restaurant as well as a nice guide to the best restaurants C’ville has to offer. The blog gets its legitimacy from the conversation generated by Libby’s posts of real experiences seen from a foodie’s point of view; readers are free to either agree or disagree with Edible C’ville and share their own experiences in the comments.

This is not only an important blog for diners and food enthusiasts, it is important to the local restaurant scene. As competitive as Charlottesville restaurants must be, it is critical for local restauranteurs to monitor what’s being said about them online. With word-of-mouth gone digital, a restaurant’s reputation can be made — or ruined online. Libby takes citizen journalism seriously; she does not accept free meals for reviews, nor will she accept a restaurant’s friend request on Facebook. Restaurants who understand that the majority of their public reads online content, searches for information about their offerings and, in the local market especially, can afford to be choosy about their food, are advised to engage with Edible C’ville and other local food bloggers via their blog content and on Twitter. Get to know people in our community who are passionate about their food, and tell your restaurant’s story; if the social media/foodie community becomes your restaurant’s fan, you will find a very loyal base of customers who will spread the word.

Jenée Libby gives us an exclusive here; a list of her favorite local food blogs:

Bella Eats

Mas to Miller’s

C’ville To Go

Next time you’ve got a rumble in your tummy, check out Edible C’ville and other local food blogs before you choose your next meal.

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4 Responses to Charlottesville Blog of the Week: Edible C’ville

  1. Libby says:

    Thanks so much for everything Marijean! Cville has such a vibrant food scene and I’m lucky to be a part of it. I should add that while I won’t friend individuals working at restaurants I may review, the restaurants themselves are certainly welcome to become “fans” of my edible fan page, and I am MOST CERTAINLY fans of theirs, and list them in my favorites. “Cause they sure are 🙂 🙂

  2. As a longtime fan of Edible C’ville, I was so excited to hear that Jenee would be featured on CBS tonight! Thank you for the great review of this fabulous resource.

    Also, thank you Marijean and Jenee for mentioning my humble little blog…I am flattered!

  3. i like reading food blogs because i am always seeking for new recipes..~-

  4. i always bookmark food blogs becuase i want to look at new recipes.;:*

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