Hair: A Horror Story (Not Really)

I know what I said. I remember and believe me, my husband doesn’t let me forget. I said I was done coloring my hair. I came to a hair color crossroads about a year and a half ago and truly didn’t do anything to hide my gray for about two years. Last night, I caved.

I threw a bunch of hair stylist jargon around at the salon, highlights! NO, lowlights! Dimension! Natural! Shiny! Essentially I said . . . and my stylist finished for me, “You want to hide the gray.”

So we began a process that has my head still reeking of chemicals and me feeling guilty for being vain. But would a vain person have snapped this photo and tweeted it, sharing my head full of foils with the world? No, I think not.

To our dismay (mine, and my stylist’s) my hair came out a bit, well, highlightier than we’d intended. I didn’t freak out. She said she could fix it, and I trust her, so I sat back and snapped another shot as we embarked on The Hairdo, Take 2. By the way, that’s not a giant cataract, just the flash bouncing off my left eye. Also? Yes, this is what I look like without any makeup. Hot, huh?

Not to leave you hanging, I’m sharing the final result – very subtle gray-masking highlights – just what I wanted. And look Jason! Wrinkles! (Sigh.)

Purple turtle

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6 Responses to Hair: A Horror Story (Not Really)

  1. Amy Eastlack says:

    You are hilairious AND beautiful!

  2. Mistie says:

    Hey, whatever it takes, sister. And BTW, your hair is beautiful – as are you!

  3. Mary Beth says:

    You are bold (it takes a bold woman to post pictures of her hair in foils on the Internet – I’m scared someone I know is going to walk in the SALON when I look like that) and beautiful. I love the new hair!

  4. Lisbeth Tanz says:

    I had to laugh at your story because I recently had a similar experience. I started coloring my hair in 2008 to cover the gray. I’d gone blonde – well, blonder than I’d been. I basically went from a dishwater blonde (with gray highlights) to golden blonde. Kind of the California Girl thing. This was my first foray into permanent color, by the way. After two years of blonde, I was getting bored. So, I asked my stylist to put in a “bit” of red. She did. And my hair loved it…to the tune of Marcia Cross red. Or Kate Walsh depending upon the light. Freaking out inside, I told my stylist, “I could live with this, but my boyfriend will totally freak out.” She agreed – shocked that my hair had accepted the color so…generously. Hey, I got free (and very nice) highlights out of it. And now I’m thinking that next time, I’ll go for that darker shade of red and tell my boyfriend he has a whole new woman to contend with. 🙂

    Your hair looks marvelous! Gray is overrated, unless you happen to look good in it.

  5. Does every post get this many comments?

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