Ben Folds, Chatroulette and Raising Kids with Music you Love

I have a cousin who, when he was a young kid, used to play the organ exceptionally well. He loved it. When he played, he would bounce. He was as much fun to watch as he was to hear. (Mark Higgins, I’m looking at you.)

That memory of my cousin is one of many conjured up during the Ben Folds (Ben Folds and a Piano) concert at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville last night. Watching Ben play is as much fun as listening. The show was a good mix of old and new, and was maybe the thirteenth time I’ve seen Ben in concert. I went with my husband, who has been with me for almost every show (I took my daughter to a free show at UVa a couple of years ago). This one, however, was pretty special because across the room was the boy with the allergist’s daughter.

I raised my kids on Ben Folds. My son was four or so when we first started listening to Ben. I was pregnant with my daughter when I had the chance to meet Ben before a show in St. Louis (about 14 years ago). Throughout the show I could glance across the room and see my now 20-year-old kid singing along and enjoying it as much as I was. What mother and son get to share something like that?

It made me all verklempt. Maybe it was Ben playing Gracie . . .  or Luckiest but I was pretty much the happiest mom/girl/wife at that show.

And now, in case you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen it, here’s the fun clip of Ben improvising while playing Chatroulette live (which he did during the show last night and it was hilarious!)

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2 Responses to Ben Folds, Chatroulette and Raising Kids with Music you Love

  1. rockabyedad says:

    Love Ben Folds – great video great story!

  2. Randee says:

    When I met my husband at the tender age of just-21, it was at a club…he was the guitar player. I had previously dated a drummer, but I didn’t feel as though I was predisposed to like musicians. In any case, what drew me to him from the very beginning was not his looks or that he was in a popular band or that he was a musician…it was his skill and obvious love for what he was doing. His passion was what attracted me to him. 18 years later, I love him for many reason, but I still adore watching him onstage…his passion for his craft remains strong. In fact, over the years it has grown with his talent as he has honed his skill. He has recently joined a band called The Station (check them out at When I watch him and the other guys take the stage, I can’t help but have fun, as they are so obviously and thoroughly LOVING what they are doing. I am as uplifted by watching and listening to the music as they are playing together. Music is magical…and God love those talented people who make it magical for their listeners.

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