The People Have Spoken: Some of Your Favorite Blog Posts

I was interviewed for an upcoming article about bloggers who are moms and was asked to share what some of your favorite posts have been. I lost a few years of stat history when I did a software update about a year ago, so I couldn’t just go to the analytics for that info: I had to ask. Here’s what some of you shared:

“It’s a real old one, but the one where you were angry about all the moms in the neighborhood who expected you to provide emergency childcare since apparently working from home meant to them, “home all the time with nothing better to do than watch my kids on a snow day.” — from Patience Crabstick

I like that one, too — it’s Wherein I rant about being a WAHM

“I  loved your letters to your son when he went to college. And of course, the pie posts,” said Jen on the Edge. “I was also just remembering one you wrote about how it was nearly impossible for you to walk your daughter school even though it’s just down the road, but there was no crossing guard.”

Here are those posts:

Letters for My Son (you might want to have a hankie handy for this set)

The “pie posts” refer to the series I began as I baked my way through dozens of pie recipes in an effort to become a master pie baker, resulting in my lifelong affiliation with pie, and sadly, lard as I am now known as a competitive pie baker. Life of Pie

Crossing Guards, Illegal in Albemarle County? is the beginning of a series that was ultimately resolved, but began with the removal of crossing guards to our daughter’s elementary school.

I had lunch with my dear friend the Late Bloomer Bride and over Chicken Tikka Masala and other Himalayan delights,  she said that her favorite post is Lifeguards which is a bit of a memoir, and deeper, more close to the heart than I usually share. Skimming it again, I find that it’s still hard to read, painful to remember, but I’m delighted that someone found pleasure in reading it, in smelling the chlorine with me.

What about you? Any posts you remember or that you enjoyed reading?

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3 Responses to The People Have Spoken: Some of Your Favorite Blog Posts

  1. Amy Eastlack says:

    My favorite was definitely the Lifeguard post – I think I even cried a little on that one. I also loved the Letters to your Son when he was about to leave for college – very funny. I think it’s important as a “mom who blogs” to keep humor in it. Wouldn’t it’d be awful if we couldn’t laugh at some of it? 🙂 you’re the best!

  2. I have many, many favorites. Some of the more recent ones include the post on Ben Folds, Favorite Things, and Reporting from Snowmegedden, which also illustrates your expertise in photography. Older ones, some included in a book to be released later this year, are Sharing 9-11 with My Daughter and It’s Cold Outside.I also enjoy any posts that mention your father or mother and all those that mention two of my favorite grandchildren.

  3. Randee says:

    I like all of the posts mentioned, but one of my other favorites was another personal one, when you revealed your struggle with depression. It led me to face some hard truths of my own, and it made me feel better to know other “normal” women had the same issues.

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