Announcing the New Color of Our House

On Sunday, in desperation, I took a decision to the people. I was trying to decide which color to paint the exterior of my house.

I had no idea, going into this project, how many versions of “beige” there would be.

Complicating matters further, my husband was out of town, leaving me to choose on my own (which of course I didn’t!)

I launched a poll on this site, solicited votes from the neighbors, asked all the friends I had over on Saturday, asked the kids, posted on Twitter and Facebook and eventually had my answer.

House Painting Poll

House Painting Poll

This doesn’t even reflect the dozens of you who posted in the comments on the blog or on Facebook — in all places, MOST of you chose Downing Stone.

Downing Stone by Sherwin Williams

Downing Stone by Sherwin Williams

It rained yesterday giving me a 24 hour extension on the decision. During that time, my husband voted for Colonial Revival Stone, returned from his trip, said that I’m the boss (which means I get to pick the color anyway) and my mother practically threatened to disown me if I went with any color other than Downing Stone. The painter will be here in about an hour, so there’s no looking back now!

Thank you so much to everyone for helping me make this choice — especially Small and Chic in Cville who rallied the design blogger community to get out the professional vote!

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2 Responses to Announcing the New Color of Our House

  1. Diane says:

    Yeah….love the color. Now we are going to have to do something about our old home!

  2. Emarieg says:

    I love it when I’m right.

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