Coconut Cream Pies for Pi Day, 3.14

My family is so spoiled, especially when it comes to pies-on-demand.

The girl promised her 8th grade algebra 2 class that her mom would bake a pie for Pi Day (3.14) and then chose exactly the pie she wanted me to make. She chose a Caramel Coconut Pie from Mrs. Rowe’s Little Book of Southern Pies by Mollie Cox Bryan.

Since coconut was in the house, my husband (likely thinking about that Caramel Coconut heading out the door to the middle school, never to return) asked for a Coconut Cream. I used Mrs. Rowe’s recipe for this pie, as well, and the meringue; it is, after all, the most popular pie at Rowe’s Family Restaurant (one of our favorite stopping spots in Staunton, Va.)

Now those of you who know me well know that cream and custard pies are my Achilles heel. My first banana cream pie was a total flop. I was determined, though and even when my first batch of pre-baked crust didn’t turn out well and had to be trashed, I persisted.

The first pie and pre-baked pie crust production took me a total of about three hours. Once I finished the components of the Caramel Coconut pie filling (a pie that is not baked, but frozen), it was a snap to return to it later and assemble the pie before putting it in the freezer overnight.

I’m pretty pleased with how both pies turned out — these are pies that are a real test of my patience; there’s no rushing and not a step can be skipped. If I didn’t have half a day to devote to pie creation, I’d never attempt these pies.

We’re all ready for March 14 — are you baking any pies for the day of Pi?

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