Eighth Grade: We’re Not Going to Miss You.

It was a rough year. No one in our family is sad to see eighth grade come to a close. The girl is looking forward to high school and all the promise of more advanced studies, a larger pool of kids to hang out with and all the extracurricular activities her little heart desires.

Eighth grade girls are some of the most difficult, meanest, most emotional people on the planet. Throughout the year she dealt with bullying, shunning, gossip and lost friendships. She fought back and faced some punishments; lessons that are hard to learn, but valuable nonetheless.

Throughout it all this girl kept her spirits up. She made the best of her situation and didn’t succomb to the pressure, or lose her temper over it, often. Her grades were spectacular throughout and she stayed engaged with basketball, volleyball, chorus and drama.

I don’t know that I would have handled myself as well at her age. She’s an amazing kid; I admire her confidence, her spirit and her persistence.

At the eighth grade graduation, a fellow mother who knew about all the drama among the girls in this year’s class referenced the fact that it had been a tough year, in particular, for my daughter. Even though I swore I wouldn’t cry, my eyes welled up at that, thinking about the months of lunches my daughter ate at a table alone, rather than interact with people who would get her into trouble. Mostly, I’m glad it’s over and we can all move on to the next stage.

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5 Responses to Eighth Grade: We’re Not Going to Miss You.

  1. KMay says:

    8th grade girls are demons. I do not remember my middle school years fondly.

    *hugs* to The Girl, and congratulations on moving up!

  2. jael says:

    May it be your girl leans upon the wisdom she paid for in tears to reap new and unexpected joys in high school. Such precious saline surly was not shed in vain as what awaits her unfolds before her in raw wonder.

  3. Jessi says:

    I would never, ever want to go back to those years. I, too, was shunned and alone. Only to then be accepted by these same people a couple years later.

    Your daughter is beautiful! I have no doubt these last few years will be extraordinary!

  4. She’s lovely. I’m so sorry to hear that this year was so awful. Here’s hoping that next year is better for her.

    (Pete just looked over my shoulder at the photo of her and made a comment about Mj, Jr.)

  5. Randee says:

    OOH…my daughter and I were both so happy to usher in the high school years…she was so excited to have a large group of people within which she could find those who shared similar interests and quirky personality traits. Despite being very bright, academics have never been her strong suit, and she continues to struggle in that arena. But otherwise, she sighed a big sigh of relief and submersed herself in the increased opportunities for artistic expression and thrilled in meeting new people every day for months. “Mom, you get to meet all these new people who haven’t already made up their minds about who you are!” May your daughter enjoy the same breath of fresh air.

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