Teen Moms in Yearbooks: Yes or No?

NBC is running a story this morning about the reactions by some parents and students over a yearbook spread that features teen moms.

Some people feel like featuring students who were pregnant and raising young Aaron Hannibalchildren while in high school glorifies teen pregnancy and is a bad practice.

I disagree.

There are high school students who get pregnant. There will probably always be teen parents. I was a teen mom — 19, with a year of college in, and married, but a teen mom nonetheless. Leaving them OUT of the yearbook is unacceptable. Recognizing them for the achievement of being parents while finishing school is better.

Anybody that thinks that there’s ANY way to glorify teen pregnancy is just nuts. There’s nothing glamorous about it. Telling the story of the total makeup of your high school population, their whole lives, challenges, successes, bad hair, silly outfits, ridiculous quotes, sports and arts involvement is the WHOLE picture of high school. Don’t leave any of it out.

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