You Probably Already Know This, But I Wrote a Book

Last fall, I spent some time sitting in a chair with my laptop, writing a book. That’s a100 Things to do in Charlottesville cover_high good thing for someone who’s feeling a little under the weather to do. I always wanted to write a book, but was never sure what that book would be, and as it sometimes happens, an opportunity arose, and I took it.

I procrastinated at first, but from contract to deadline was only a few months, so those last couple of weeks were spent head down, typing away.

The book came out in March. I’ve done a couple of events and the book sells in several local stores and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s a REAL book with a real publisher and everything! Sometimes even I surprise me.

Today I’m doing a signing at Beer Run, a place where I know everyone, and everyone knows me. It’s a little like coming home, and it’s important to me to share the book with friends in this place. In the early days of writing the book, I’d sit at the corner table at Beer Run with an Allagash White and my laptop. Yep, the first few pages were written at a bar. What a surprise!

I hope to see lots of you this afternoon at the event, but if not, I hope you’ll let me know if you picked the book up somewhere else.

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