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21 Today

Happy birthday, buddy!

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On the eve of my 40th birthday, a friend observed that my son was unfortunate lucky enough to both have a mother and a girlfriend who are bloggers. “Poor guy has no privacy whatsoever, does he?” my friend reflected. Nope. … Continue reading

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The Boy’s Movin’ Out

Here’s what I want to know. Who let these two goofy teenagers take this baby home from the hospital? Look, even the baby isn’t happy about it. I’m showing you this picture because in it, my husband and I are … Continue reading

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Mama O’Neal and Me

I’m sitting here reading Newsweek, with an essay by Lucille O’Neal, who you may only know from her famous son, Shaquille. I have to recommend this article to you. It may interest to you to know that in several ways, … Continue reading

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The Boy is No Longer a Teenager

Today the boy turns 20. And before you leave a comment saying anything at all, I request that you read this post and realize that I can be a little touchy about the fact that I was a teenage mom. … Continue reading

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