The Boy at College

It’s November and he’s only called to ask for money once. And that was recently. And he needed money to do laundry (!) and his debit card wasn’t working.

He’s been home twice. Once, because there was a hurricane/tropical storm threat that evacuated the dorms for a long weekend. The second time was Fall Break. He arrived in two-day-old clothes and toting his entire wardrobe — dirty. He did all his own laundry, of course, but it’s much cheaper to do it at Mom and Dad’s house.

To my delight, he calls pretty often. We don’t call him that often. Sometimes, we chat via IM late at night when we discover we’re both on. We IM’d our way through election night (that boy is just FULL of conspiracy theories when it comes to politics).

He got his first round of grades and he’s doing well.

We’ve been to visit him once. We’d go more often if it were closer, I think. We’d also go more often if we weren’t doing a million other things that prevent it on the weekend.

He’ll be home for Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to that.

Do you remember your first semester of college? How did you do? How often did you come home? Were you homesick or did you run off and never look back?

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6 Responses to The Boy at College

  1. I was so homesick that I came home for the first time after only three weeks and you’d have thought I was back from a year-long trip to outer Mongolia. I cried many times and wanted to come home, but my parents held firm and wouldn’t come get me. By the second semester, I was fine.

    The issue was that I’d never been off on my own before. Not for orchestra trips abroad or six weeks of camp in Maine or anything at all. My parents kept me pretty close to home, which they acknowledged was a mistake and were able to rectify with my siblings.

  2. Kathy G says:

    The Boy sounds normal to me.

    Son #1 would come home with EVERYTHING he owned dirty (except the clothes on his back). He said it was easier than trying to get a washer on campus, but I think he just didn’t want to spend the money.

    We never heard too much from any of our boys after they left home. I understand girls are much better in that regard.

  3. "Aunt" Keri says:

    I never thought I’d go away…I was a home body! I cried a bit the first day, but after that LOVED it!! Enjoyed being on my own and learning about life! Called a bit…before days of email and IM and cell phones! had to keep the phone bill low!!! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I only went home during scheduled breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). I was happy to go home to see my friends, but I did not miss home itself at all! I was happy to be off on my own. My parents are great but I really didn’t miss them. Oh- and I did my laundry at school. =)

  5. Formerly Known as Dwight says:

    If he happens to run across my son in his travels, can you ask him to send back a report?

  6. Saraj says:

    My school had quarters instead of semesters and the first one ended just before Thanksgiving. I got home and SLEPT and SLEPT!

    The first 10 weeks went SO fast I can’t even remember much about it now. I made friends in my dorm the first week and then started making friends from band and clubs. The girl running the music club that year became a good friend as they had cars and were organizing trips off campus to listen to music at a coffee house that made milkshakes.

    I remember being very frustrated with my grades. What a change from high school! Engineering professors didn’t believe in giving As, at least not that I ever saw, but I was having too much fun with things other than classes to ask them.

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