A Day at UVa Medical Center

I had a full day planned. Breakfast with a client and friends at the Chamber of Commerce Commonwealth event at 7:30am, a meeting with a new client, a call with my supervisor, working on a project for a community partner, returning phone calls and touching base with my freelance colleague and finishing up with my weekly appearance on CBS-19. It was going to easily be a 13 hour workday and I was looking forward to it. (I’m weird, I know).

But when the girl got home from school, she had persistent abdominal pain and swelling. Since the girl had an urachal cyst, we just don’t mess around with issues in that region. So I called UVa Pediatrics and got her a morning appointment. We spent about two and a half hours on that adventure which ended with a second appointment in radiology booked a couple of hours later (and lasted another two hours). Fortunately, nothing scary turned up in the ultrasound. Unfortunately, a diagnosis for the pain has not yet emerged, although the girl is doing better tonight.

In short, my day was sidelined as I hastily sent emails and made phone calls to rearrange my day and let people know I was not going to be where I was expected. Instead, we spent the day together at the hospital. The docs at UVa took good care of my girl and let us know what they were thinking every step of the way. It’s great to have a team at work that is understanding and caring when your priorities change suddenly; it’s also great to have doctors nearby who listen and work with one another across departments to care for a patient.

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6 Responses to A Day at UVa Medical Center

  1. Poor girl! I hope she feels better soon.

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  3. Michelle says:

    So glad nothing serious turned up, but understand the frustration of “huh..we don’t know…”

    Hope she feels some relief soon.

    BTW, you are a good mom. 🙂

  4. Danielle says:

    It’s always something isn’t it? How’s she feeling today?

  5. blackbird says:

    – hope she’s feeling better now…I just KNOW sometime during my new professional life that I’ll have a day like yours – it’s the Working Mom’s fate!

  6. Hi, MJ! I sure hope all’s well! Belated healthy wishes to her.

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