Cville Pie Down: The Web Site and Details

The C’ville Pie Down is ON (like Donkey Kong?). Details of the event are on the amazing Web site set up by one of the esteemed judges, Steve Whitaker. If you’re not clicking over (and you should, if nothing else to see the goofy photo of me and Brian Geiger, The Food Geek, glaring at one another) then know this: The Pie Down will be Sunday, May 24 at 1pm at the Mudhouse downtown in Charlottesville. We’re all super delighted that Mudhouse is hosting the event (thanks, Dan!), providing judges with delicious coffee (the perfect pie accompaniment) and a venue that is very accessible and friendly.

Browse the Web site for bios of the competitors and esteemed judges, the rules, event details and MORE!

We’re hoping for a nice turnout of pie enthusiasts. What’s extra fun for me is that people planning to attend are bringing their families — so, kids, coffee, pie, wi-fi and brutal, nail-biting competition; what could be better?

Meanwhile . . . The Food Geek and I have been thinking, baking, testing and eating pie. I wasn’t going to bake another test pie this weekend but lo and behold there was a big sale on a certain kind of berry and I attained a special secret ingredient (by traveling to a small, locally owned grocery where I was the only English-speaking customer) which meant: test pie.

Saturday afternoon there may or may not have been smoke pouring out of my oven into my kitchen. I may or may not have run upstairs to crank on the attic fan yelling, “NOTHING TO SEE HERE! DO NOT BE ALARMED!” (Kinda surprised the smoke detector didn’t go off; pretty pleased the fire department didn’t feel it necessary to show up.)

Such as my pie baking sometimes goes . . .

I can’t tell you about my test pies . . . nor am I to reveal the specific kinds of pie that will be submitted for the competition. It will be a blind test, meaning the judges will not know who made the slice before them as they judge it. That’s a good thing, I think.

I cleaned my oven today. I’ve made my final decisions about my pies for Saturday. I’m ready to rock and roll. Get ready, Geiger. I’ll see you downtown.

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3 Responses to Cville Pie Down: The Web Site and Details

  1. The photo of you and the Food Geek is excellent!

  2. Jamie says:

    I LOVE the preparation this is going into this event! Cant wait for the results…

  3. Amy Eastlack says:

    My daughter was reading over my shoulder and asked ‘What in the world is a Pie Down?” Guess I will just have to bring her along!

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