CBS-19 Blog of the Week: C’ville Entremom


This week’s featured blog on WCAV CBS-19 is CvilleEntremom.

Here’s my interview with blog founder and administrator, Angie Brement:

1. What was the inspiration for C’ville Entremom?

I was actually inspired by First Wednesdays (First Wednesdays is a social gathering of internet Entrepreneurs, Coders, Designers, Bloggers and Marketers.  They meet the first Wednesday of each month at a bar / restaurant Downtown).  I saw that people kept referring to First Wednesdays on Twitter.  I thought, hmm.. there should be something like that for mothers that could use the networking and need to get out and meet other moms that do what they do!  So, the project began with networking in mind.  I was actually thinking about what form of advertising works best for my business (Angie Brement Photography) and where my money would be best spent going forward.  Then the answer came to me:  By far the #1 venue is word of mouth/networking.  My clients recommend my services to their friends.  I figured that other mom-owned businesses are the same… they rely on word of mouth.  I decided to become the word of mouth for not only myself, but other mom-businesses out there!

2. How many entremoms are there in C’ville?
So far I’ve found about 25.  The list grows every week.  I would estimate that there are about 75+ businesses out there… some, I just haven’t found yet!
3. What do you hope to achieve with the blog?
My number one goal is for local businesses to not only stay afloat, but grow in this downtrending economy.  By networking with each other, there is so much we can achieve.  We can get marketing ideas from each other, offer blog links or advertise on each other’s sites, recommend services to friends/other moms, exchange services, swap childcare with other working moms, team up for events… the opportunities are endless.  My 2nd goal is to get the word out to Charlottesville that these mom-owned businesses are out there and to build a “buy local” mentality.  Let’s all support each other.  Third, I’d love to inspire other mothers to follow their dreams and not be scared to start a business.  All of us have done this and are a powerful resource for anyone starting a new business.

4. What need are you filling in the community or in the blogosphere?
Buy local.  Let the community know these businesses are out there and can be serviced locally.  Providing a resource for start ups.  Getting mom-owned businesses together to network and grow.  Team up to expand business.

5. What do you want viewers to know about the site?
It is not just for Entrepreneur Moms.. it is for everyone.  So, spread the word and buy locally from motivated and powerful mom’s with great ideas and successful businesses.  If you are thinking of starting your own business, DO IT!  We can help!

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  1. bradi says:

    Angie… love your mission! It is so totally in line with my new biz venture. Moms in the social networking space are completely different to those found in traditional off line job. It’s a love-fest here!

    I am an entrepreneur and I’ve interviewed many moms (celebrity and not) and we say GO FOR IT!

    So, good for you!!

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