STL Moms: Win $100 for Back-to-School from Wal-Mart

I realize that 50 percent of my reading audience is in the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area so, I bring you the following opportunity: the Maplewood Wal-Mart is hosting an essay contest.  The contest is sponsored by my dear friends at KidSmart, an amazing St. Louis nonprofit that provides school supplies to students in underpriviliged school districts. All you have to do is get your kids to write a 100-word essay on why school is cool and you could win $100 – which, we know, goes a long way toward school supplies at Wal-Mart. The details, and the entry form are here for the clicking.

If your kids are putting up a fuss about writing on summer break (I can almost hear their anguished whines from Virginia), just tell them you’ll let them choose the cool new backpack. It’s a bargaining chip, I promise.

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I'm a public relations professional, social media consultant and work-at-home-mom living and working in Charlottesville, Va. I'm Marijean Jaggers and this is my blog.
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  2. Evelyn Mcwilliams says:

    i’m trying desperately to enter my son in the back to school contest, i’m sending this comment so that i may get some knowledge on what and where he is to type his essay

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