Charlottesville Blog of the Week: The 2.0 Life

This week’s CBS-19 Blog of the Week is The 2.0 Life — How to Thrive in a Digital World. I was particularly excited about this blog because it provides so much value to its audience. Blogger David Pierce, a fourth year student at the University of Virginia began the blog when one of his peers (yes, a 20-something year old) said he didn’t know what GoogleDocs was. (Not to mention, all the people who still haven’t adapted to using an RSS reader, or know how to use Twitter, etc.) Thus, David was inspired to go forth and educate the masses on all topics social media; and he’s doing a really fantastic job with it, too.

I’ll be sending more people David’s way to learn from his “grandma-tested” content.

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I'm a public relations professional, social media consultant and work-at-home-mom living and working in Charlottesville, Va. I'm Marijean Jaggers and this is my blog.
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2 Responses to Charlottesville Blog of the Week: The 2.0 Life

  1. Yep, this is the blog for me, as I’m not terribly tech savvy.

  2. Sold! I’ve checked it out and subscribed. Thanks, Marijean.

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