My Life on TV Comes to an End

Blogging Expert Marijean Jaggers

For about a year now, I’ve been providing a community service — not to work off any convictions, just out of the goodness of my little blogger heart. Many of you are aware of my weekly appearance on WCAV CBS-19 where I’ve provided the extremely popular Blog of the Week segment.

BOTW w Beth 2

Once I got over my shock that there WOULD NOT be a private, fully furnished trailer with my name on the door and that there WOULD NOT be a hair and makeup team, I settled into a weekly routine that went something like this:

Tuesday, 5pm – stop working, sprint upstairs and put on TV-worthy clothes. Slather on more makeup. Fret over hair. Add more powder. Change top again. 5:45pm, get in car, drive to station. 6:30pm, start paying attention to what’s going on behind the door at The Newsplex. 6:40ish – enter studio, take seat, and provide LIVE commentary on a featured local blog.  6:55pm, call home to see what they want for dinner. 7:15pm, pick up dinner. 8pm, arrive home, watch video clip of segment. Fret over hair. Start thinking about featured blogger for the next week.

BOTW with Dan

I really loved every minute of it. I loved being recognized by people all over town. I loved that my far-flung family and friends could watch the video clips no matter where they are. I loved the chance to improve my live TV broadcast skills and to have the opportunity to get better with each week. But mainly, I loved that the segment gave a well-deserved focus on local bloggers, many of whom are friends or became friends through the Blog of the Week.

Past tense, eh?

Yes. I’m hanging up my Blog of the Week TV hat — I will provide one more week of Blog of the Week coverage and then the segment will live on with two very worthy replacements, Jason Hull of OpenSource Connections and Amy Eastlack of SuzySaid Cville. I want to thank everyone who was featured in this segment, who watched it on TV or online and who helped promote the segment via their blogs, Facebook and Twitter. It’s been a great ride.

All the videos are view-able on the Newsplex Web site and if you’re really nostalgic, you can read all the Blog of the Week posts on STLWorkingMom.

I will miss the many friends I’ve made at The Newsplex; Dan Schutte, Sara Ross, Travis Koshko, Brantley Ussery, Jim Hanchett, Brad Ramsey, John Rogers, Mark Tenia, that guy that always opens the door for me, Cheryn Stone, Jennifer Black , Tim Free, Tom La and Liz Palka just to name a few (gosh, I hope I haven’t left anyone out). Beth Duffy was my friend even before the TV segment, and I enjoyed having the chance to see her every week.

I’m taking the step back from TV to get some time back to focus on My Gift of a Year and to better accommodate my full-time day job at Standing Partnership, which has added a lot of travel into my schedule for 2010. (Also? I’m running out of fabulous TV outfits and do not want to do any repeats).

Also? It’s time to let someone else sweat under the lights of live, weekly, local television.  I’ve had my 15 minutes. Now if Oprah’s people call, that will be another story entirely.

And now, here’s some link love for all of the Blog of the Week’s I covered in 2009 and a few from 2010.

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9 Responses to My Life on TV Comes to an End

  1. Liz Palka says:

    MARIJEAN!!!! I’ll miss seeing you!!! But, I know where to find/follow you. Thanks for all of your hard work for us!

  2. zuzu says:

    MJ, you have done something people only DREAM about. You are a wonderful person! I’m so proud of you for all you’ve done. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for my dear friend!

  3. Kellie Silcio says:

    Marijean, you are an inspiration! I caught you last night for just a few minutes, not realizing it was your last broadcast. I’m so proud of you! I’ll miss seeing you on my tv every week – I guess we’ll just have to meet up in person from time to time. :o)

    Good job on keeping your priorities and being sure to take care of YOU!

  4. Kim Connolly says:

    Marijean –
    What a wonderful ride you have been on and thanks for taking us along with you. Your description of your “glamorous” Tuesday nights rings so true! And thanks for including your complete list of featured blogs. Now I can visit those I missed. I thought we had hit the big time when you featured Living United!

  5. Susan says:

    MJ — what a surprise!

    We will all miss you. You are such a fabulous role model who can juggle being a wife/mom, career PR counselor, blogger and TV star as well. And, personally, I have been so grateful for your time and effort in helping me with my recent blog upgrades.

    But I certainly understand that it is hard to exceed at everything simultaneously. Often, it takes the most courage to focus on a few things when there is so much out there to intrigue us.
    Rock on — I know that your next area of focus will be a complete success!

  6. I’m not even going to say that I’m disappointed in this decision, because I am very, very happy that you’re doing what is right for you. 2010 is really going to be your year!

  7. Brantley says:

    Marijean, I will miss you and your chroma-key colored shirts at the weather wall. Don’t be a stranger!

  8. Dr. Dolly says:

    Thanks for what YOU did to promote blogging in CVille. You are definitely one rocking mama. Hats off to you! So, I thought I heard something about Jason and Amy on Twitter…so now, the full story develops. They’re gonna have a ball with it…but you, MJ, were the original. Old skool and super cool. Thank you and I’ll see ya around town (Q, SheBlogs, BWRT, and ya know, where moms hang out when we don’t have kids around).

  9. I actually started watching CBS news more often because of you! I figured that if CBS would do such a segment and hook up with you, they must be way cooler than the other options we have in town. Alas, they are still cool, but lost a wee bit of their cool factor with your exit.

    Thanks for giving my blog a little attention when it was still very young. 🙂

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