Charlottesville Blog of the Week: The Coconut Girl

The Coconut Girl is Whitney Morrill, an architect, writer, and mother of two. Her blog offers new mothers equal doses of understanding, humor and utility through her quirky creative offerings. Music videos about late night feedings, essays about thwarted work projects and wise insights from her children speak to the ups and downs of parenthood.  A running meal ticker and suggestions for partners provide hands-on tools for helping families get through the joyous but tiring days.
I love this blog because it’s a helpful reminder for moms and the friends and family of all moms with new babies that they need our support. It’s also a charming, humorous look back for me at those tough days and nights you never forget, but that somehow fade with time.

My next-door-neighbor is about to have her third child — I will make sure that Coconut Girl knows about Whitney and her blog — and remember to still be a helper past the early weeks of a new baby next door.

Coconut girl song video

Food Within Reach

The Other Baby Bump

Sit Mommy

a.m. & p.m.

Here’s the video from the featured blog and here’s my final Blog of the Week segment on CBS-19.

Farewell TV land!

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