Weekend, Inverted

I read this tip on  a parenting blog via Twitter earlier this week – a mom said that she and her family race to get all the weekend chores done on Friday night so the rest of the weekend is free to play. “Brilliant!” I thought.

So as Friday afternoon arrived, I decided to give it a whirl; placed my online grocery order for pickup at 6:30pm, and got the dirty laundry transported, sorted and started the first load.

I was off to a great start and in fact did get most of the laundry done Friday night. I didn’t have to grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday, so that was a time saver, but it takes longer than just a Friday night to complete the week’s worth of laundry (especially when your husband tempts you into watching a movie with him after the groceries are picked up and put away). Ultimately, the inverted weekend move (I’m typically cramming laundry into Sunday afternoon and evening) freed up Saturday for more cleaning (I steam-cleaned carpet and got around to de-cluttering part of the basement – two things I hadn’t had time for previously) and for taking the girl for a haircut. I also didn’t cook on Friday OR Saturday (or, for that matter, today, as my husband made breakfast, lunch will be self-serve and dinner will be out for the boy’s birthday).

Today I actually am taking some time to relax. That’s what Sunday is for, right? I’m updating this blog (this sadly neglected blog), I’m reading, I’m drinking my third cup of coffee, I will finish up some housework and maybe I’ll get out this afternoon for a little shopping, or a manicure.

I think the inverted weekend plan has been mostly successful. I will try it again next week and maybe with some practice will find myself with more time to rest on the weekend, rather than viewing it as a marathon sprint to complete all the work around the house before the workweek starts again on Monday.

How do you manage the laundry and weekend work when your workweek is filled? And if you’ve hired someone to do your laundry, don’t even tell me; I just don’t want to know.

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6 Responses to Weekend, Inverted

  1. Back when the husband and I were childless and both working full-time, we did all of our cleaning on Thursday nights as soon as we got home from work. We were always done by 8:00, which is when Must-See TV started on NBC. We’d eat dinner and relax once our shows started.

    After getting all that cleaning done, our weekends were free for either big projects or for playing.

    As for groceries. We usually went together on a week night after we’d already eaten dinner.

  2. Maria says:

    No kids yet, so after church Sundays are for Swifering, shopping and folding. We circulate the laundry during the week. The only way it works to leave everything for Sunday is the split the chores dead even … otherwise it would take all day.

  3. Randee says:

    The thing I love about a ranch house is that laundry is on the same floor as where we do our living…so I usually change around laundry and try to fold a load in the am before I head off to work & take girl to school, or at night right before bed (am doing laundry now). I do not hire someone to do laundry, but I used to have someone come in and clean every other week. That went the way of SHG tuition, but it is my first splurge when things loosen up.

  4. Randee says:

    Oh yes, and I don’t wait ’til Sunday to relax…I work 3 ten-hour days so I snatch rest throughout the week. Due to light deprivation, naps are a must.

  5. Norma Jean says:

    Love your blog!

    I do mine on Sunday evening. We’re almost always home then. I’ve tried different days, but I have to make it work consistently at a time when we’re home. Wouldn’t laundry service be so great?

  6. Dana says:

    Our has gotten so much easier to manage since our oldest has been doing his own laundry the past few years. We started that in 6th grade which seemed to work out well because that is the same time his clothes started to matter to him.

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