Reporting in from Snowmageddon


You may have heard that we had some snow fall here in the Mid-Atlantic region. At the rate this season is going, we fully expect the girl, when and if school ever resumes, will be attending until the Fourth of July.

The girl has settled into a routine of leisure. Like some kind of quarantined patient she bathes and changes into a fresh pair of pajamas each night. I don’t believe I’ve seen her fully dressed in daytime attire in two months.

DSCN1774In fact she just said to me that she needs to do some laundry; she’s running low on pajamas.

We’ve been snowbound, stuck at home together again for yet another long weekend with periodic power outages, which are more of an interruption than a long-term nuisance. In fact, it just causes me to frantically cook, bake and do laundry, trying to complete a task before the next outage occurs. The entire region has significantly freaked out over this storm, depleting stores of their inventory on Friday, gassing up the cars, stocking up on firewood and foods that can still be prepared without electricity. (Hotdogs were scarce; hotdog buns were gone – thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I bought s’mores makings, so we could have a bit of fireplace fun, in case it came to that.)

It’s Superbowl Sunday so of course, our hope is that the power holds out for the game – that being, of course, the most important use of electricity this weekend.

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  1. My girls are taking the same approach to their wardrobes too, so our laundry pretty much consists of flannel PJs, thick socks,and whatnot.

    We haven’t lost power — just occasional blips now and then. I attribute this to us being so close to one of the hospitals and possibly being on the same power grid.

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