My First Space Shuttle Launch

NASA 1On Monday, April 5, in the wee hours of the morning, we got up and drove from Orlando to Titusville, Florida to watch our first live space shuttle launch.

Nasa 2Now, understand, unless you’re a card-carrying astronaut, it’s awfully hard to get closer and therefore get better photographs of such a thing. I’m hoping, however, to share with you through these photos some of the experience of being there.

Nasa 3I so badly wanted to share what I saw with all of you that I jostled for shots, ran, and shot photos both with my camera and my Palm Pre so I could tweet at the same time. That all makes for some seriously blurry photos.

nasa 4Since my photos are sub-par, and really, you have to be there, to get it, I’ll tell you this:

First, you know it’s time because all the geeks and regular people have congregated in parking lots and on the shoulders of every roadway. We’ve all emerged from our vehicles and stand, transfixed looking at  . . . nothing, in the sky. The countdown starts. The time arrives and as it does, the sky lights as if it is suddenly day. You barely have time to react to that before the light begins to move up and across the night sky. Your adrenaline surges. You gasp, realizing, somewhere in your subconscious, that this view is not unlike what people the world over have seen, and see, when a bomb detonates at night. You shake that thought as visions of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin dance in your head. And then the sound finally reaches your ears, in what seems like minutes later, and you gasp again because it’s so wonderful and impossible and you can hardly believe your eyes.

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  1. Big Sis says:

    I will miss the shuttle. Hey, who is the mom and who is the daughter in those shades? Hard to tell…

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