Crowdsourcing the Color of My House

It’s time to paint the exterior of our house.

I know I have a springtime photo of the house somewhere, but this was the most recent shot I could find. Remember this? Happy to have it gone?

I’m pondering a big change to the color of the house (and realize I’m going to have to check with my HOA and all that jazz) but I wanted to check with you first. I’m pondering Sundried Tomato red from Sherwin Williams.

Sundried Tomato Red

If this were TRUE crowdsourcing, I’d let you all decide the color of my house. I could just get a thumbs up or thumbs down on the Sundried Tomato and go from there, but I’d love your ideas on other color schemes. Let me know what you think.

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6 Responses to Crowdsourcing the Color of My House

  1. Sean McCord says:

    You are very brave, Mj. I favor “earth colors”, like forest greens and light brown, but then I have not seen your house. I hope you find some spring pictures.

  2. MJ,

    While it may look nice at first, red fades faster than any other color. It will also be a tougher color to cover if you decide to change to something lighter later.

    Also, consider that a house is surrounded by green (trees, plants and grass) and pick a house color that makes the plantings look great. Green and red are a winning combination, but it does scream “Christmas”. Blue and Green houses tend to fall flat when surrounded by green foilage.

    The best color is a sand, taupe or another light to medium earthtone. This offers a great neutral backdrop for the plants to pop, plus you can use richer colors on shutters, doors and facia boards.

    You’ll also notice this is the most common color used by home builders. They have money on the line and know what looks good and what sells.

    My 2 cents,

  3. Honestly? I’m with Michael and would choose a more neutral color.

  4. LisaMc says:

    I say go for the red if you like it! It’ll pop in the winter and amid the greens of spring and summer. Plus, it’s a bold color without being screaming bright. I’d paint my house a color like that if it weren’t brick.

  5. I thought about the fading, too, but this red is a nice, rustic one. It’ll look great when it fades a tiny bit.

    It’s a great palate…you could shift the colors around and have a really beautiful result with any of them being dominate.

    I hope we get update pictures!

  6. amanda says:

    Love it. I say neutral is for neutral folks, a category in which I don’t place you. 🙂

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