Girls’ Night In

Mary, this ones for you (my sides still hurt from laughing).

Mary, this one's for you (my sides still hurt from laughing).

Last night, I had a collection of women over for dinner. I’m not obsessed with symmetry, but I do like it, preferring equal numbers on opposite sides, balance, patterns, etc. So I was pretty pleased when we ended up with eight: a Susan and a Suzanne, a Mollie and a Dolly, two Jennifers, a Mary and of course me, Marijean.

I was also tickled to have brought together some women who only knew each other online (or, in a couple cases, not at all) to gather ’round a table, talk eat and drink for several hours. Better yet, this morning on Facebook I saw a flurry of my guests friending one another. Success!

It was great fun and a lot of work (next time, I go potluck) but I really enjoyed cooking for and serving some really wonderful friends. I wanted to do something nice for each of them — they have each (whether they knew it or not) done something for me and frequently make my day just by being themselves. It was absolutely the best to see them all relaxing and having a good time together.

I don’t know if it’s me, and just the people in my “inner circle” here in Charlottesville but another commonality in this group is that all but one of us have a blog or, in some cases, multiple blogs. We’re definitely ALL writers and last night proved we’re all TALKERS.

It was the best thing I’ve done for myself so far in this Year of 40 — the gathering of girlfriends should be an item on the list of any woman trying to take better care of herself.

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3 Responses to Girls’ Night In

  1. It was a great evening! Thank you so much for inviting me.

  2. Molly says:

    SOunds awesome! There is nothing better than a group of women eating, drinking and laughing. Hospitality is the best possible gift you could give yourself and your friends.

  3. Dr. Dolly says:

    So, I’m a little late in reading this post…it was the BEST night I’ve had in a long time. Thanks for introducing me to some awesome women (and I STILL talk about the food with others). You are AMAZING!

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