Please Help Me Pick the Color of My House

Colonial Revival Stone

Colonial Revival Stone

Craftsman brown

Craftsman Brown

Downing stone

Downing Stone

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25 Responses to Please Help Me Pick the Color of My House

  1. Sean McCord says:

    I voted for the Craftsman Brown.

  2. cvillemassage says:

    stone looks really nice

  3. susan says:

    I vote for colonial revival stone.

  4. I like the downing stone…sorry Im not helping to narrow it down!

  5. mollie says:

    downing stone

  6. KIm Connolly says:

    Downing Stone with a really deep color shutter – Navy blue, maroon, pewter/brown and then a third color for the door.

  7. Big Sis says:

    Downing stone for the house with maroon shutters and door — classic!

  8. Downing Stone for sure.

  9. Middle Sis says:

    My vote is for colonial revival stone, but they would all work. What would look best with your flora and fauna?

  10. Diane says:

    Downing stone, it’s different

  11. Alex says:

    As others have suggested, go with the Downing Stone and use accents to pump up the shutters and doors. The Downing Stone works best with the tone of the shingles.

  12. The stone color is definitely more current.

  13. Steve Gaines says:

    My two cents (which is a fairly good representation of the validity of this particular opinion) is the Downing Stone.

    The real question: Will there be a sort of “Tweet Up” reception held after the painting is done to show of the end result to all those who chimed in with a vote?

    Always thinking of a party angle. 🙂

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Downing Stone.

  15. Shelley says:

    downing stone is beautiful

  16. downing stone…fo’ sho’

  17. I like Downing Stone…

  18. Anita Davis says:

    Downing Stone — love this one.

  19. With those gorgeous azaleas all the colors look good! Which one will look best in late fall when the world is grey and brown? (OK, that answering a question with a questions, but…)

  20. Oops, make that “gray” and brown.

  21. ancym says:

    We shocked the neighbors by painting our gray house blue -blends into the sky from a distance (they came around eventually). I guess this is less than helpful, but we did not want to live in a gray house…
    Hmm – how about, when you tell people how to find you, would you rather say look for the brown house or the gray house?

  22. Marijean says:

    Nancy — that is a very good point and when you put it that way, gray for sure.

    Downing Stone has taken a big lead in the blog comments … and in the poll. Painting delayed due to rain, so there’s an extra 24 hours for me to make up my mind. Thanks to all who have chimed in with their opinions!

  23. In the design world, gray is HUGE right now. Beige will always be popular and safe, but gray is a more updated neutral.

  24. Barry says:

    Pink !!

  25. Mary Beth says:

    Colonial or Downing Stone. And, you can always describe your house as “taupe” instead of “brown” if that helps.

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