The Boy’s Movin’ Out

Here’s what I want to know. Who let these two goofy teenagers take this baby home from the hospital?

Look, even the baby isn’t happy about it.

I’m showing you this picture because in it, my husband and I are roughly the age the boy (the little bald kid in the overalls) is now. Twenty-ish. Nineteenish.

Unbelievably, this guy just signed a lease. He signed a lease and he’s moving out on his own. He may or may not take the gorilla with him.

He is, allegedly, a grownup.

He’s been ready for this adventure for awhile. He’s a pretty responsible guy and has half his college education behind him at this point. I don’t take the obligatory first-day-of-school pictures anymore — in fact, the one above, from fifth grade, may be the last in existence.

We’ll miss him, of course, but he’ll only be across town (I keep telling myself) and once in awhile, he might need something from his dear old mom.

He’s ready for this, I know.

Am I?

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7 Responses to The Boy’s Movin’ Out

  1. terry says:

    Oh how sweet!!! I’m NOT ready. I may/may not be in another 8 years. Probably won’t be.

  2. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh Mark looks so young in that first picture. It’s kind of freaking me out.

  3. Seems to me that if you can say with confidence that he’s ready, then so are you. Because you’ve prepared him well.

  4. Kathy G says:

    Of COURSE you’re ready! You survived his leaving for college (and coming back), and all of his exploits since then. Your food bill will go back down and you’ll probably sleep better without him bumping around in the middle of the night.

    I recommend that you invite him for dinner on a regular basis. It’s great to hang out with your adult kids.

  5. blackbird says:

    How absolutely
    I’ll hug you as he goes…

  6. Sean McCord says:

    I’m still a few years away from this, but I feel for you.

    Love the pictures!

  7. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness… this post is killing me. I’m feeling for you right now mama… nevertheless, you’ve raised him right and he’s a good guy ready to make it on his own. You did that phase of the job well.. and you’ll continue to do so on through the next phase(s). *Sniff Sniff*

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