Blanching Peaches or, How to Peel a Peach (with video)

Early this morning I shot this weird and disturbing little film. It’s meant to be instructional but somehow looks a little wrong. It’s dark and out of focus and a little creepy.

I like it!

How to Blanch and Peel a Peach

If you’re baking peach cobbler, peach pie or just want some lovely skinned, sliced peaches this summer, follow these simple steps for gorgeous results.

1. Make sure your peaches are ripe by letting them sit in brown paper bags for a couple of days after you buy them.

2. Boil a pot of water.

3. Dip peaches into the water and let them roll around in there for no more than 15 seconds. This is the process known as blanching.

Peaches and Cream Pie 002

4. Rinse the peach in cool water so it’s comfortable to touch.

5. Peel away the skin, using just your fingers like so . . .

It’s super easy and fast.

Picture 160

Just FYI, the peaches above are slightly more than needed for the infamous Peaches ‘n Cream Pie.

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1 Response to Blanching Peaches or, How to Peel a Peach (with video)

  1. Joe Meade says:

    This was definitely one of the more morbid & awesome things I’ve done in the kitchen for a long time.

    The skin came right off!!

    Sounds straight forward, but I’ll never peal a peach with a knife (losing so much peachy goodness) again!

    Thanks, MJ!

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