What Happens When the Pie Lady Joins Weight Watchers

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time at all, you know that I like to bake pie. What you probably don’t know is that work, pie, and pretty much anything else have taken a higher priority than exercise in the last many years. So a few weeks ago, (and before that, a year ago), I wrenched my back without having done much of anything at all.

It was one of those wake-up call moments (it wasn’t, apparently, last year; doing it twice did the trick, though).

I made one of those snap decisions to get back in shape, specifically with regular physical therapy and ongoing exercise. The biggest decision was to join Weight Watchers — which I did two weeks ago and have so far lost 5 lbs.

Why Weight Watchers?

Among friends and family, WW has been by far the most successful plan for those who have lost weight, kept it off and regained a healthy lifestyle. It’s a plan that makes sense to me and because I’m a technogeek, I like using the online tools; the app for my iPad and my smartphone.

What happens to the pie?

Worry not, my friends. I have continued my pie obsession, mostly giving it away to others. In fact, I was pleased to find quite the selection of pie recipes among Weight Watchers offerings, so be looking for some lighter pie posts in upcoming months.

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3 Responses to What Happens When the Pie Lady Joins Weight Watchers

  1. Jessi says:

    Congrats! I started WW at the beginning of the year and am down 12 pounds. W/out working out! It does work. Keep it up. I’ll be looking for low-point pies from you!

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  3. Liz Sacks says:

    Thats awesome that you are finding a healthier way to live! Even more awesome that you will be posting lighter pie recipes! I am an aficionado of pies myself, and have often bemoaned their unhealthy state… I’d be anxious to see what tastes good, and is good for you!

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