Cherry Pie in Progress

I felt pretty good this morning, so I pitted some cherries for fresh cherry pie.

The cherry pitter I bought a few months ago worked like a charm. I’m still on the road to recovery, so this pie is being completed in stages. I pitted cherries — I rested. I mixed up a batch of pie pastry; I rested. I made the pie filling, and now I’m sitting here doing this.

This is a double cherry pie so those are fresh cherries, mixed with dried. If you’re not a baker you may not know the secret ingredient that gives fresh cherry pie it’s spectacular flavor: almond extract.

The filling is in the refrigerator, as is the pastry. It’s too dang hot out to bake and heat up the kitchen so again, it’s a pie in stages; I may not bake until tomorrow morning. I’ll post the finished product and the recipe then.

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2 Responses to Cherry Pie in Progress

  1. jael says:

    Pie and recovery in stages. I salute your gracious embrace of both. Made by hand, both take care. Know as the conrection bakes, so too does your growing strength.

  2. I’m sure it will be delicious — all of your pies are — but I’m off of cherry pies right now, courtesy of something you said earlier today. 🙂

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