I Go Bananas for Key Lime Pie

I really think I have some sort of pie baking dependency.

I can’t seem to stop myself.

I can always think of someone to bake a pie for, or somewhere to take a pie. There’s really no shortage of people willing to accept a pie. Pie is also a sort of currency. I bribe thank friends with it. I use it to celebrate.

Also, I use pie as therapy. It’s relaxing for me to create pastry; to roll out a crust. It’s therapeutic to find a new recipe challenge, tweak and perfect it.

It’s a stress reliever to have completed pies cooling in my kitchen, and something to write about here, on the pie blog.

Key limes were fresh off the boat, truck or airplane (not sure how they arrive) and so I bought lots this morning and kind of went nuts baking pies this afternoon. Five, I made, a few promised to people before they even went into the oven. I also made this set with graham cracker crusts; not my favorite to eat or make, but the popular vote had some sway.

A LOT of people have told me that Key Lime Pie is their favorite. For the recipe, head on over here. Look closely at the finished pie above; the finely shredded, microplaned lime zest is what makes this pie truly Key Lime. Accept no substitute.

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  1. Sarah Grace says:

    OH wow, these pictures are to die for. My brain is making my mouth think I’m about to eat something tangy and delicious… how crrruel!

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