Coming Up for Air

I’m over forty, but I’m taking swimming lessons. I mean, I know how to swim; my Granny taught me when I was a little one and I took the obligatory swim club lessons each summer till I was eight or so. But I never felt like a confident swimmer. I never quite got the mix of arms, legs, breathing, etc. down the way I wanted to. So in the doldrums of this past, never-ending winter, I signed up for private swim lessons at my gym.

It took awhile to get used to. A little terrifying, initially. My coach has been great. She’s always right there, encouraging me, gently correcting, offering tips and guidance, and pushing me to do just a little bit more. Finally, one evening in the pool, I relaxed. I found my pace. Everything fell into rhythm. I enjoyed the quiet, the utter unplugged space that the pool offers. No underwater iPhone or wifi here! It’s as inaccessible as I am at any time during the week. It’s utterly MY time, working for my health, for my body, for my peace of mind. It’s more rewarding than I’d imagined and I’m hopeful that I’ve now learned a new way to enjoy getting and staying fit with something I’ll be able to do for the rest of my life.


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