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The Boy’s Movin’ Out

Here’s what I want to know. Who let these two goofy teenagers take this baby home from the hospital? Look, even the baby isn’t happy about it. I’m showing you this picture because in it, my husband and I are … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Grandma Ruby

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet here, lately. In real life, events take place that don’t get shared on this blog. It becomes difficult to write, because what’s most on my mind, is not something I’m sharing … Continue reading

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Dinner at Our House

The girl came home from school with a friend. Once she obtained some cash from me (so what else is new?) the two of them walked to the local farmers’ market to shop for some veggies. They returned just before … Continue reading

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To My Mom, On Mothers’ Day

I am so lucky. I have a great mom.  I realize I’m so fortunate to even HAVE a mom but I am particularly blessed to have THIS one. It’s a little-known fact that God carries a piece of paper in … Continue reading

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Words from My Mother

My mom has given me lots of advice (hasn’t yours?). Here are a few that stick and repeat themselves in my head whether she’s saying them out loud to me or not. Make a game out of it! You have … Continue reading

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