I’ve left the midwest! I’ve moved to the east coast, uprooting and relocating all that I know. I realize that the name of this blog is no longer truth so I have to figure out what to do about that. In a way, I guess it is true, since my job is still in St. Louis, whereas I am not. That’s one thing that has made this transition easier, the fact that I’ll be traveling to St. Louis often for work and that when I visit I can see friends, co-workers and clients, keeping me connected to the place I’ve lived all my life.

We’ve been in our new city since Dec. 28. The moving van arrived on Monday, Jan. 2 and I’ve been busy unpacking, arranging, cleaning, painting and rearranging ever since. I start working from home on the 9th so this is my chance to get these tasks done.

About my new home: my husband picked out the house, e-mailed me photos and we bought it without my ever having walked through it. It was a thrill to finally get here and be inside the house I only knew online. He did a great job — I love the house and the neighborhood is great. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

Since I will be working from the house, I know I need to make an extra effort to meet some people in the community so I will have to find something to join and do to get out once in a while. The neighborhood is woven through with walking trails and everyone seems to have a dog. I’ve enjoyed taking Clover for long walks and I think he enjoys watching the geese on the pond and the squirrels in the backyard. He’s my constant companion now that Mark has gone back to work and the kids have started school. This is my second day “on my own.” Yesterday was very productive (finished setting up three bathrooms and the kitchen, thank you very much) so this morning I’m taking a break and getting a badly needed haircut.

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  1. barbara says:

    Glad to see you back!! 🙂

    I enjoyed the article – thanks for linking it.

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