Too dizzy to dog

If I said I was too busy to blog, that would be a lie, because here I am.

Truly, though, when you start looking forward to the weekend on Tuesday, that’s a sign.

There’s much to share:

  • The visit from the boy’s 17-year-old friend who’s a girl but not a girlfriend (wink) from Missouri has come and gone
  • We “did D.C.” for the 4th and lived to tell
  • The boy has now been driving for a full two weeks incident-free

We’re low on funds due to a week of feeding and entertaining two teens and one additional kid who doesn’t eat much but still likes to get stuff. I’m forbidding myself to buy; the boy took his change to the coinstar machine ($40) and the girl is waxing commercial:

“You know, there aren’t many options for kids to make money beyond the old cliché lemonade stand.”

Ah, my heart swells when my nine year old uses cliché correctly in a sentence. She even did finger quotes. Buy that girl some ice cream!

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