Celebrity Deathwatch

I’m so surprised I’ve never blogged this before. My husband and I have a game we play. We call it Celebrity Deathwatch. No, it’s not original. Other people play variations of the game, or so I’ve heard. Ours was born out of our news junkie personalities and a desire to one-up each other in speed knowledge.

The game is this: the first one to notify the other, either by phone, voicemail, e-mail, IM or in person of the death of a celebrity wins the point. We argue degrees of celebrity when one of us recognizes the deceased and the other does not. We agree that major celebrities (defined as well-known individuals and occasionally, animals) count as extra status if not points. Lately, the boy is score keeper since we can never keep straight who’s ahead. I’ll admit I’m down a few points at the moment.

It was a good week for death. I got Syd Barrett. Mark got June Allyson (how sad, and incontinent, I remarked). I think Mark scored Kenneth Lay, too. Mark got Harriet the Tortoise, which I allowed because I think most people had heard of her and we certainly had.

It’s fun, we enjoy the healthy competition and staying on top of who’s dead and who’s alive. Sick? Maybe a little, but hey, if you can’t laugh at death, you’re just going to fear it.

I’ve gotta go tell Mark Red Buttons just checked out. Score one for me. Later.

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4 Responses to Celebrity Deathwatch

  1. Anonymous says:

    An extended family I know plays a more speculative, and perhaps grimmmer version of this game. They speculate on who will die this year. Ironically, they play at Christmas. After opening presents and eating the turkey, they sit around the hearth and make their lists of which famous celebs will die in the coming year. Then, the next x-mas, they tally up the score exclaiming, “Oh, I knew George Burns was going to bite it this year, Woohoo!”

  2. We re-branded our death pool as a “celebration of life pool” this year.

    Points = 100 – age

    Pete Doherty is going to pay off big.

    I keep track of the score with a MySQL database.

  3. smeers says:

    I must say, when I hear of a celebrity deaths I think of you. Although Barret’s death took me by suprise, I thought the chap was dead already.

  4. Danielle says:

    So if a cartoonist dies do you get credit for all of the characters he/she created? D-

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