Wii Must be Crazy

The boy and the man got up at 5:45am yesterday to wait in line with the other lunatics, I mean, dedicated consumers, to get their Wii from Target.

Wii must be crazy.

For two hours the guys waited in the cold to be among the first to say, “wii want to play.”

The subsequent nine-odd hours were spent playing with our family’s newest toy. We’re all looking forward to Grandpa bowling on Thanksgiving. I have to say that the Wii is pretty darn cool and the favorite, thus far, of all the game systems that have passed through our doors. This one, at least, gets you off your chair and moving.

Gii, I don’t know, but it might have been better, in hindsight, to make sure the kids had done their homework first.

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1 Response to Wii Must be Crazy

  1. anoop says:

    i love my wii.

    now to not fail out of grad school.

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