Napkin folding, and other world-saving pursuits


I began my morning by Googling “napkin folding.”

I used to know how to do all these fancy folds, all due to the expertise of my mother. Back in the seventies, when my dad was active in the American Bar Association and the ABA was almost 100 percent men, during the conferences, the association would arrange for activities for “the wives.” It was at that time that my mother enjoyed a class in napkin folding. She developed a real gift for it, and taught me all the intricate folds so every dining room holiday meant fancy folding for me.

I used to know how to do the rose, the cardinal’s hat, Lady Windermere’s fan and, of course, the pyramid, without even thinking about it.

After my 39th college beer I forgot it all.

So this morning I’m fussing with napkins. Fold the napkin, save the world.

After that I will be baking pumpkin bread and banana bread and a pecan pie. I’ll slip out to Pier One for more dishes and maybe some candles (I have a gift card!). There’s sure to be more cleaning ahead as well. I’ll never clean without my iPod again.

For now, though, there’s napkin folding.

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4 Responses to Napkin folding, and other world-saving pursuits

  1. zuzu says:

    I LOVE to fold napkins! What did you go with? (Warning: the candle fold when used alone, looks very, um, phallic.) Bishop’s hat is among my personal favs.

  2. StLmom says:

    I’m leaning toward the bishop’s/cardinal’s hat. The boy said the rose was too fancy and “why do we need to fold them, anyway?”

  3. zuzu says:

    I’m disappointed in the boy. He’s probably the type that doesn’t think he needs to make his bed because “I’ll just mess it up again tonight.”

  4. marijean says:

    Just so you know, zuzu, we ended up with the Rose, which was wildly popular.

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