The Hendersons are Not Here

When I was 16, I had a job writing movie reviews for the local Catholic newspaper. I was limited to anything rated PG or G, naturally. The first review I wrote was for that box office hit, Harry and The Hendersons. (Don’t bother; it was stupid.)

I’m reminded of that on a regular basis. Why? Because a couple named the Hendersons had my office phone number before I did. I’ve had the number now for close to two years and STILL GET CALLS FOR THEM.

Today, someone really wanted to get ahold of old Robert and Loretta. Someone who wanted to place a COLLECT call. They tried four times. Enough for me to call my phone service and find out how to block them. The first question from the customer service person? “Are they in jail?”

Who knows! Hey Hendersons! Someone’s trying to reach you and PLEASE update your phone number in the dozens of files you have all over town.

I learned that it costs $2 a month to block all collect calls to your phone. Just in case this ever happens to you.

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