I would make a terrible heroin addict

I survived my once-every-twenty years physical today. I only had one mild anxiety attack as the nurse went to draw my blood. I patiently explained to her that all medical professionals have had a hard time accessing my veins. They are small, deep and roly-poly, I’ve been told. I said I would try to be as relaxed as possible, but I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t faint if she found herself having to dig around in my arm. I’ve had seasoned phelbotomists flat give up and draw from my hand.

Today’s vampire nurse, though, listened to me, took her time, got me relaxed with a funny story and got in pretty quickly. Just as I was telling her the world was closing in on me, as I got all hot and knew I was down for the count, she said, “Got it!” and I was back.

Don’t mind shots, but go for a vein and I wig out.

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10 Responses to I would make a terrible heroin addict

  1. DaveNorris says:

    OK, reading that post alone was enough to make me woozy. Thanks Marijean (not). 🙂

  2. Lucky for you that you aren’t addicted to OxyConrin

  3. Jnet says:

    I’m exactly the opposite.

    Take blood… it’s all good.

    Tell me you’re going to give me an injection (don’t actually do it, just tell me you will)… I’ll cry.

  4. marijean says:

    Needless to say, I’ve never donated blood. I feel terrible about that, but it’s just not a way I can contribute to society.

  5. Maria says:

    At least you are willing to admit it on the front end. I once refused to think I would ever pass out, because, you know, I’m so tough. Big mistake. HUGE.

  6. zuzuernie says:

    Wow. We now know Superwoman’s kryptonite!

    I give enough blood for the both of us. This next part may make you pass out, but you have been warned. The first time I gave blood I was so excited that I asked if I could hold the bag. They said I could and it was so warm! I thought it was the coolest thing.

    MJ? MJ? Someone get me a cold cloth! STAT!

  7. marijean says:

    Ew, ew, EWWWW! Now, I am not grossed out by the blood — not at all — in fact, I watch and I do think it’s kind of cool to see it filling up the tubes. What bothers me is the DIGGING IN MY ARM WITH A NEEDLE. It goes on for minutes. Really long minutes. I’m getting woozy just writing about it.

  8. We’re twinkies, MJ. Something about the word “vein” makes me go hot and then cold woozy.

    I’ve given up on donating blood. Just too much drama.

  9. Bailey Singh says:

    sometimes i also have anxiety attacks and when it happens, i just breathe slowly and deeply to help me relax.,;*

  10. Theo Shaw says:

    Relaxation techniques and meditation can help a lot during Anxiety Attacks. “‘,

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