The Boss Comes to Charlottesville

Right, I know — you’re thinking, Springsteen was already here and it’s true, he was. But it is not THAT boss of which I blog. My boss, the president and owner of the company for which I work, is coming to visit me in Charlottesville.  It’s her first visit to the village since I’ve been here, and I’ve geared up for an all-star agenda.

Now, how many of you have been able to entertain your boss in your home? How often do employees get to take a boss on a ride-along for an entire “typical” day, ending with dinner with the family and maybe a little Rock Band?

Yes, of COURSE it’s unnerving — I’m not sugar-coating. I love her and love working with her but I think she may be a little unnerved by my life! She’s known me for three years but this will be the first time she’ll meet the rest of the family. The girl is already practicing, as she said, “being a little angel so I don’t mess things up for you.” Huh. We’ll see. I hope the boss is ready to have her ears talked off and to pay sufficient attention to Clover, who, for at least the first five minutes will be rather demanding.

I’ve spent the better part of the weekend cleaning, planning what I’ll make the boss for dinner, baking another fabulous from-scratch blueberry lattice-top pie and planning where we’ll go and what we’ll do while she’s here.

Thanks to the C’villian folks and my C’ville Twitter friends, I’ve gotten lots of great recommendations for where to take her for dinner — I will let y’all know what she thinks of our town!

Lest you think I’ve been too uptight about this visit, I’m sure my kids (and my husband) will be delightful and charming while she’s here. I just hope the boy remembers she’s visiting and doesn’t (as he usually does) make his morning trek through the house in just his boxer shorts. That might be asking a little too much for her to bear.

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  1. Beth says:

    Good luck! All I can think about is “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” I think when Mr. Dursley is entertaining his boss at his home. May there be no house elves around.

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