Sometimes it Takes a Man to do a Working Mom’s Job

Fresh from three weeks of abandoning my husband to be mom, dad, dog-buddy, cook and driver, I’m feeling grateful for the guy who steps up when my schedule outweighs his. It balances out, as I’ve done the same for him when his late nights run into mornings or when weekend work becomes the norm rather than the exception.

And so, I have a story to share about another dad; the husband of another working mom we’ll call Clementine. Clementine is a busy working mom, an executive in an organization she loves. Her work schedule is longer by at least 20 percent than her husband Joe’s. Still, good old Clem does it all; the work, the housework, the yard work, the kids’ carpool, the shopping, the laundry the cooking and so on. One day, as was bound to happen, Clem had HAD IT. She told Joe that the time had come to balance out the work and given the fact that his work week was much shorter than hers, he needed to pick up the slack.

The couple sat down — and I LOVE this idea — made a list of all the family chores and responsibilities. They made assignments and agreed on who would own what. Joe ended up with laundry, carpool, grocery shopping and yardwork among his list of promised items. Clem was delighted and things definitely looked brighter for their future as a dual income family with several kids.

Joe took a look at his list and did what any man (and any woman) would do in his situation: he outsourced it.

Yep, that’s right. Joe hired someone to come in and do the laundry, someone else to mow the lawn. He negotiated down his role of carpool driver by leaning on some of the “other” moms, and resourced options for online groceries with delivery.

The man’s got brains.

So what, I ask you, did Clem think? Well after she got over the anger of not having thought of it first, she decided she just didn’t care HOW it got done, just as long as SHE didn’t have to do it.

And that, my friends, is the end of the story.

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  1. Whenever the chores get to be too overwhelming and Pete balks at having to clean, I remind him how much it would cost to hire a cleaning service. Without fail, that propels him into the bathroom to start scrubbing the toilet.

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